For the dogs that I breed I look into their temperament on both sides of the lineage before putting the dogs together. We have OFA's on all of our dogs. My Rottweilers have magnificent temperaments. Rottweilers are fearless and courageous dogs, and that’s why I love them!

I have always had a love for animals ever since I was a kid. Growing up, I always asked my grandfather if I could work at the SPCA and he always told me “maybe when you are a little bit older Cody”. I have had all kinds of animals growing up - parrots, cats, dogs, you name it. But nothing compares to the Rottweiler. Why you ask? Well first of all they are one of the most loyal breeds of all – yup I said it. The second reason is because they call them the butcher dog because they carry the meat back and forth for the butcher. The third is because they are the most ancient bred dog - I wonder why. Because they are fantastic dogs. They even accompanied the Romans through Germany driving the cattle.

We are welcoming a new member to our family. Meet Gloria Von Warterr and AKC Register, Champion Bloodline and show quality.

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So why do I breed them you ask? Well except the love and compassion for these dogs, all I’ll tell you is they almost went extinct in the middle of the 19th century because there was no more room for cattle herders and roads were being paved. It took the Rottweiler out of business until the 20th century. Now they are used for military and the police force. So, let’s start talking about the Rotties I have here.

All of the Rotties you get from me will have a health certificate. All of my Rotties have been inspected by the OFA, which they look into the hips, eyes and elbows. So if you had been looking for a Rottweiler you have come to the right place!

My dogs come from champion bloodlines with great pedigrees, big heads and muscular bodies. My goal here at Asher der von Hause Kennel is to make champions so you can count on me if you are looking to get one of these Rotties to breed.  If you are looking for a pet I also have Rottweilers as pets too so let’s talk about getting you one of these fantastic Rotties.